Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Days 2 and 3: Editing, exploring and a few other things...

Hi all!

We are halfway through our first week here in London and making good progress.  Thanks to our sponsor, we have been able to make contact with many individuals who we will be interviewing over the coming weeks.  Since we are still arranging our schedule, we found ourselves with some spare time yesterday.  We decided to use the day to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was one of our predetermined key locations for research.

The V&A Museum, as it is known, is an art museum that is located in South Kensington.  The V&A Museum was decided to be one of the places that we should visit during our time here because of the amount of technology that is incorporated into the exhibits there.  We came across a wide variety of technological tools that are used to enhance the visitor experience, including hands on features, touch screen quizzes, and a film room.  Additionally, we noted that most of the exhibits were physically accessible, thanks to a lift that serviced the entire building and many ramps.  In terms of other features to improve accessibility, we found that all of the museum's touch features included braille, there were audio guides throughout the museum, and large text books to aid visitors in reading the exhibit plaques.  Some of the museum features can be seen below:

English and Standard Mandarin braille captioning a vase in one of the exhibits.

One of the museums many touch features.  The yellow below the text was a braille strip to explain the piece.

The V&A museum also offers a variety of guided tours, including BSL tours and audio tours.  Overall, the V&A gave us a good look at some of the things that can be done to enhance the way that art and artefacts can be presented to visitors.

Upon our return from the museum, we worked on editing some of the writing we did during C term, along with more emails.  This morning we are continuing to work on the housekeeping of all of the information that we have collected so far and our calender.  This afternoon we are headed out to get back into the interview groove!  Keep an eye out for more updates soon!



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